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Cherry Blossom Epiphany

Cherry Blossom Epiphany
Author: Robin D. Gill
Publisher: Paraverse Press
ISBN: 0974261866
Size: 22.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Additional to the sub-title, this is a selection, translation and lengthy explication of 3000 haiku, waka, senryu and kyoka about a major theme from I.P.O.O.H. (In Praise Of Olde Haiku).If the solemn yet happy New Year?s is the most important celebration of Japanese culture, and the quiet aesthetic practice of Moon-viewing in the fall the most elegant expression of Pan-Asian Buddhism=religion, the subject of this book, Blossom-viewing ? which generally means sitting down together in vast crowds to drink, dance, sing and otherwise enjoy the flowering cherry in full-bloom ? is less a rite than a riot (a word originally meaning an ?uproar?). The major carnival of the year, it is unusual for being held on a date that is not determined by astronomy, astrology or the accidents of history as most such events are in literate cultures. It takes place whenever the cherry trees are good and ready. Enjoyed in the flesh, the blossom-viewing, or hanami, is also of the mind, so much so, in fact, that poetry is often credited with the spread of the practice over the centuries from the Imperial courts to the maids of Edo. Nobles enjoyed link-verse contests presided over by famous poet-judges. Hermits hung poems feting this flower of flowers (to say the generic ?flower?= hana in Japanese connotes ?cherry!?) on strips of paper from the branches of lone trees where only the wind would read them. In the Occident, too, flowers embody beauty and serve as reminders of mortality, but there is no flower that, like the cherry blossom, stands for all flowers. Even the rose, by any name, cannot compare with the sakura in depth and breadth of poetic trope or viewing practice. In Cherry Blossom Epiphany, Robin D. Gill hopes to help readers experience, metaphysically, some of this alternative world.
Cherry Blossom Epiphany
Language: en
Pages: 740
Authors: Robin D. Gill
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006-10 - Publisher: Paraverse Press
Additional to the sub-title, this is a selection, translation and lengthy explication of 3000 haiku, waka, senryu and kyoka about a major theme from I.P.O.O.H. (In Praise Of Olde Haiku).If the solemn yet happy New Year?s is the most important celebration of Japanese culture, and the quiet aesthetic practice of
Language: en
Authors: Robin D. Gill
Categories: Civil rights
Type: BOOK - Published: 1980 - Publisher:
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